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Next Generation group is catering in Pune since 1989, under different subdivisions like Next Generation Digital TV Services, Next Generation Television services and Next Generation Internet services.

The company has future vision and always works on getting upgraded time to time to adopt new technologies and modernize the infrastructure. The motto is to do the business on quality basis. Some recent developments and success stories are the key points to judge this vision. The company has established and developed its own division of Next Generation Digital Television and this project is the first of its kind all over India to deliver TV channels on MPEG-4 Technology platform.

Next Generation has separate Television Broadcasting and content management team which focuses very well on broadcasting channel with best AV quality & the standards for them is maintained by international standards media servers. For these we have alliances with some of the world's best blue-chip company's viz. IBM, PLAYBOX, etc.

Next Generation group is fully accomplished with ultra modern Headend. Next Generation has digitalized the entertainment to bring to your home the best in television viewing through the latest digital technology. Next Generation has the infrastructure which currently serves 250+ TV channels and services in digital format with DVD quality picture and CD quality sound with stereo effect. These infrastructures include the equipments from various MNCs like Thomson Video Networks, Dell, IBM, TELESTE, Harmonic Inc, Scientific Atlanta and MCBS Pvt. Ltd. All of them are masters in their core technology platform.

Next Generation group not only provides high quality programmes but also gives its subscribers an absolute and complete control of what they watch and pay for via conditional access systems (CAS) architecture. The digital addressable system is mandated by TRAI which has compulsion to provide TV channels to subscribers via digitally addressable system (DAS).

The group has its presence in nearly all parts of Pune District. To expand the boundaries and provide services within whole Maharashtra state is the project on company's roadmap. The roadmap also has plans to provide value-added services like Movie on Demand, more numbers of High Definition channels, Personalized Video Recording features, content on Web TV, Mobile TV, IPTV platforms as well.