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Local channels are heart of any cable TV platform since they serve local content based on test of local people. Next Generation News Pvt Ltd is catering in Pune with a division of Next Generation Television which manages the playout of local channels. The team focuses very well on broadcasting the channels with best AV quality & standards are maintained by international standards media servers. To be always ahead, Next Generation has alliances with some of the world's best blue-chip company's viz. PLAYBOX Technology, Trinity etc. Below are key channels of Next Generation Group.

Where Next Generation has all kind of age group viewer involved, they had stepped up by a dedicated NEWS channel in regional Marathi language where telecasting is done by concentrating a local audience. The content for these channels are created, edited with own studio.
The channel mainly focuses on religious programmes which teach about being good human even if the religions and regions are different. This channel is based on teaching humanity. It also showcast local events happening in the city.