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Digital quality picture and sound:

With best quality equipment used at the backend infrastructure, Next Generation network sets a new standard in video and audio delivery to the home. Now you can enjoy DVD quality picture and Surround sound quality for all the channels. Even if you connect your Digital TV Set-Top-Box simply to an ordinary television, you'll appreciate the difference that our digital quality makes.

No unsightly Dish or weather interference

The services are hardwired right into your home through your existing Cable connection for consistently clear viewing. The best part of our services is that you'll enjoy it without the weather interference problems of satellite dishes which are affected in bad weather. Plus, you won't have to install an unsightly dish on your home.

Electronic Program Guide (EPG)

Our easy-to-use, on-screen Channel Guide gives you complete control and convenience for the channel schedules. Browse other channel listings without missing a second of the program you are watching. You can even set reminders for later in the day, so you never forget to catch your favorite show.

Choice of Channels & services

Now you get more number of channels which includes all prime channels spreading out in various categories.

Value for your money

With more number of channels available for selection, you can choose your favorite channels & subscribe to them. The best part of Digitization is you pay only for what you want to watch.